About Us

About Us

Flask it Up is a celebration of everything that life throws at us. It's a concept lifestyle that embraces the challenges we all experience by finding ways to navigate obstacles while saying, "flask it up!"

We wanted a place where people can visit and get a sense of community and belonging. Check back often to find new content and don't forget to show your Flask it Up pride by grabbing a t-shirt!

Flask it Up does not sell Spirits, nor are we affiliated with any brands. Instead, we use a licensed third-party retailer, and carefully displayed those selections that have regular places in our cabinets, cocktails and flasks. We want to share with our community some of the best selections of spirits and wine. 

We understand the importance of community. When people come together to celebrate and share their experiences, the positive impact it makes can have a lasting effect. Let us help advertise your next event or business to reach a wider market and lead generation opportunity. Send us a message at, marketing@flaskitup.com to hear more and be sure to follow us on Instagram, @flaskitup.

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